AI Honors


For the fall of 2016 I did an honors contract for Artificial Intelligence. My project was to create multiple movement behaviors and prepare a scene to demo all of them. I created this basic scene to show off path following, modified flocking, wander, formations and a few other basic movement behaviors. Everything in the scene that moves is an agent, including the camera.



I accomplished this by giving the "leader" a set of children nodes that where set up in a formation, and then had the rest of the formation seek one of these nodes each.



Path following

The next behavior i wanted was to give the agent a path to follow, this uses a simple list of nodes and the agent seeks them in sequence and changes its target to the next when it "arrives". I'm also using this for the camera in the demo - it is also an agent.



This was by far the most challenging behavior i implemented, but after it was all said and done it wasn't too bad. the leader of the flock uses the wander behavior and the rest of the flock seek the leader, while also keeping separate from the rest of the flock so they don't pile on top of each other.