Tarot Monsters - week 3

So far this week I've completed the menu, most of the work was making the artwork and character selection menu. The latter being the longest part. Everything is fully functional and doesn’t look half bad if you ask me. I decided to cut the help menu, as it was never very informative in the first place. I may add it back in later if I have time. 

The basic gameplay is all still working, but I need to change how the players path is stored to make it more efficient as well as add in PVP. I’ve slowed down a little bit this past week to work on some more time sensitive things. This project is still up on the list and I would like to complete it before GDC, but I don’t need to finish it before leaving, as ill have nearly 40 hours on the train that I’ll need to fill lol.

I’m beginning to rethink the environment cut-outs. They don’t look as good as I was picturing. If I remove the original environment art from the map it looks way too empty, and if I leave it the cut-outs make it appear too busy. I’ll leave the decision for later - it’s not important ATM, just on my mind.

Here’s a few shots of the new menu

character selection.gif

Tarot Monsters - Introduction

I feel like I've said this 100 times, but here goes once more! 

Tarot monsters is a game I programmed back in the spring of 2015 for my game programming course. We paired up with the game design class and each chose a game they had designed and made it in unity. Back then I had some ambitious, for the time, goals for how I wanted to portray the game. the idea was simple enough - it’s a board game, so let’s just make it a digital board game. Which I did. but in the end, I was missing all the polish that I wanted like animated enemies and physical dice. 

Now it’s time to finally rebuild this project and do it justice. There we're just polish features I left out the first time through. I also simplified one of the main systems of the game, and completely cut out another. these are the tarot card system and PVP. In the first version of the game I dumbed the card system down to being just stat increases, which is far from the effects in the original games design, and PVP was non-existent. Both were due to my lack of knowledge at the time, even the animated enemies not making the cut were because I didn’t know how to accomplish it. This time around I know how to achieve every feature that was outlined in the original GDD and the features that I would like to include.

The first two weeks of development went pretty well. I’ve already developed the physical dice as well as the frame work for the tarot cards. I spent the second week working on artwork for the game. Nothing special, just 3D "cutouts" for some map features and enemies and a D6 model. 

For week three I plan on replacing all the menus and begin incorporating the new systems into the existing game play. Hopefully I’ll also have time to create new artwork for all the menus and game prompts, but if not, I’ll do those week four. My goal is to complete the project before GDC this year, which is two weeks from now.

That's all for this log, but ill attach a few screenshots of the art.